Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcome Fall! Hello dear friends!

Hello Friends!

It's so great to be back to my little studio after taking the Summer months off . 

Summertime was wonderful. As a family we wanted to take these past months and spend extra time together, especially this year, as our kids entered new chapters in their lives. This past May our daughter graduated from high school and in August we saw our "baby" leave for college. I have to be honest, no matter how much you prepare for it and think you will be "cool" when the time's was hard to see our girl go to college. (Thank God she is not too far from us and we can still see her in the weekends :) And in August our son entered high school! Yes, people, high school! Unbelievable how fast time goes by! This boy is already 6 ft tall and loving his new school. This time off from blogging was truly a precious one and we really treasured it.

It's good to be back to working on my art, blogging and chatting with you all. Summer also was a time for me to also think about things that inspires me. Going back to the things I truly love. I dusted off my watercolors and gouache paints and worked on some cute sketches. It has been a time to go back to the basics and explore things that make my heart filled with joy.

I also updated my studio's main logo, it's still in the works but I'm really loving how is starting to look. I love that I can change the color of the letters too...What you think?

I opened an Instagram account for my studio, you can follow me here too:

Now that I'm back online, I will be posting more often. I wanted to let you know that all of the Fall & Winter Digi Stamps are available at my Etsy store. They all are Instant Download. 

I would love if you send me photos of the cute cards and projects that you create using my digi stamps.

Wishing you a wonderful week!