Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vote for your favorite illustration for the coloring book

My NEW Coloring Book is coming soon in a few weeks. Could you help me select which one of these two illustrations should be included in the book? One or Two...or maybe both? Please leave your comment below with your choice. Thank you so much!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Great News! Coming Soon!


I'm so excited to share with you what I have been working all Summer long... Yes!! It's a super cute Coloring Book with lots of adorable illustrations for any age.

This coloring book will feature all of my favorite subjects to illustrate. From cute little kids, flowers, nature, holiday themes plus some cutie surprises. I hope you love it as much I love work on it.

I'm still working on the book, adding more art. I'm expecting to have it ready by the end of September. I will be taking pre-orders next month. Make sure to stop by often to include your name in our first pre-order list.

Thank you for all your wonderful emails and messages during this Summer, I have been so excited to share this anticipated news!

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Have a wonderful week!

Love, Mabelle

August is Artist Appreciation Month!

We are celebrating
Artist Appreciation Month!

Today I would l love to share with you which artists have inspired me throughout my career and development as an artist. 

Early on as a little girl, art was an integral and innate part of my life. I remember how much I loved having paper, pencils and crayons with me at all times.  Used to draw tiny doodles on my notebook margins and little scraps of papers. Always loved drawing little children, nature (especially flowers) and cute critters.

These illustrators were of great influence and inspiration in my childhood. I discovered their art while visiting my local stationery store when I was in elementary school and I remember saving some of my allowance money to buy some greeting cards. I used to tape the greeting cards on my bedroom wall next to my desk and spend countless hours looking at the beautiful artwork.

Betsey Clark

Joan Walsh Anglund

Beatrix Potter

Holly Hobbie


After college, I moved to United States and began my career as a designer. As I continued developing my career as a graphic designer and illustrator, I discover two amazingly talented illustrators.

These two artists became great trendsetters and mentors for many artists like me. I loved their use of color, intricate design and patterns in their works. Not only you found their work in stationery products but also collectable items, home decor and textiles. They have welcomed thousands of fans around the world and continue to create more art for all of us love! Still today, I LOVE their work!

Patience Brewster

Mary Engelbreit

To all my fellow artists out there...

Wishing you a fabulous, artsy, inspirational Month! 

Keep creating!