Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ballerina Teddy Coloring Tutorial

Hi everyone!

It`s Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios, and I am so excited to share a project and coloring tutorial for you today!

For this project, I created a side-step card to help feature Ballerina Teddy.  The paper is from MME's My Girl collection, and you can even find a bit of Trendy Twine on there too!

When I first started working with Copics, two things scared me - reds and pleats!  So I thought I would share a little tutorial today on a way you can create a bit of dimension on Ballerina Teddy's skirt!

Step 1

Using your lightest tone, colour in the skirt completely.  I used R81.

Step 2

Using a medium tone, outline all the edges of the skirt and any lines created by layers.  This will start to build your shadows.  I used R23.

Step 3 

Using the same medium tone, add in a triangle shape in the spots on the skirt where the layer lined curve down.  

Step 4

Switch back to your lightest tone and and blend the two colours together to soften the look of the shadows.  

Step 5

Using a darker tone (I used RV29), add in a slightly smaller triangle shape over top of the one you created with your medium tone.  It needs o be smaller to give the impression of depth.  go along the top edge of the skirt where the pleats are drawn and add small streaks of this colour as well.  

Step 6

For the waist band, start by colouring in the whole band with your lightest colour.  Working in from the left and right side, add some medium tone stopping about 3/4 of the way to the middle.  Repeat with the darkest tone stopping no more than half way to the middle point.  If you have visible lines where the colours layered, blend out with your lightest tone.  

Step 7

Colour in the body suit with your lightest tone. 

Step 8

Outline all the edges with your medium tone. 

Step 9

Using the tip of your marker, add a narrow line of your darkest tone around all edges.  

Step 10

Blend the layers of colour together with your lightest tone. 

There you have it!  A cute little dress with a bit of dimension!  You can use the same strategy with any colour - just remember to start light and work to dark (and don't be afraid of high contrast tones).  
Thanks for popping by today!