Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Twelve years ago today, terrorists boarded four passenger planes and set in motion a coordinated suicide attack on the United States.  Three of the planes hit the intended targets - Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.  The fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania after an extremely brave group of passengers and crew members made an attempt to re-take control of the hi-jacked plane.  Overall, 2,996 people lost their lives on that unforgettable day.

Every year, September 11th is a somber day in the United States.  Everyone who was old enough, can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.  Most of us spent the next days and weeks fixed to our televisions, radios or computers, watching and listening while trying to comprehend what had taken place.  Never on American soil had such a terrorist attack taken place. 

While time certainly heals, it is important that we NEVER forget those who died.

Today, I am remembering those men and women, by creating a simple project that can easily be re-created by anyone!  And, it's a useful project as well. . .

This bookmark was created using the precious Ribbon Boy image from Whimsy & Stars Studio.  I printed him on white card stock and then colored him in with Copic markers.  I paper pieced the ribbon in honor of our American Flag.  Here is a close-up . . .

The sentiment was my own creation and was simply printed on card stock as well.  Once all the pieces were in place, I added magnet strips on the inside. . .

And here is the bookmark in place. . . .

A very simple project, but a very powerful reminder. . .

May your day be blessed!


  1. What a good reminder. It's hard to realize that most middle school children only know about 9/11 because they heard about it and don't remember "living" it. How quickly time passes and memories fade. Your bookmark project is perfect!!

  2. Love your Bookmark! Fabulous work!

  3. Darling bookmark and wonderful tribute! :)

  4. Thank you for this wonderful magnet and remembrance....beautiful way to use this image!

  5. Love this what a great and sentimental project for 9-11. Beautifully done.

  6. Love this what a great and sentimental project for 9-11. Beautifully done.